Smokey Eye Tutorial 💜

Love this tutorial, you can wear this style in your daily routine.


Heeeey lovely people!!

Hope you’re all fab! ❤️

Today I wanted to push myself and do something a bit scary that I would never have done a few months ago. An eyeshadow tutorial. Dun dun duuuunn! You’re probably thinking that’s not a big deal…but for me it’s huge! I’m not amazing at applying makeup but it’s something I love to do. It’s my happy place 😊 So I really hope you find this helpful and I know you guys will support me however it turns out because you’re a lovely bunch 😘

So without further ado…

Eyeshadow may seem terrifying at first. You see all these gorgeous looks on Instagram and Pinterest and think how on earth did they do that?!

The key is blending. Blend blend blend. I would invest in a good set of eyeshadow brushes. They don’t have to be expensive at all, just something nice and…

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