Secret revealed Born Pretty


The Holy Grail of everything beauty can be found Here… this is the HAUL  of the century. Spend less and make more. Holiday spending becomes savings.

9 (1)
Adjustable Ring

Great stay at home business opportunity, blogging $$$$, and incredible source for getting top quality beauty stuff for pennies on the dollar.

They have everything from Jewelry, Nail polish, accesories, nail stamps, lipsticks, lashes, temporary tattoos, bling, gems, kits, and more.

Buy the Bling and the Chevron

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Go here for the Look above

Nail Bling

136222_20150717065028 130635_20151029024140 223736_20151014185922 7

Or try this Multipurpose Powder on your Brows, eyeshadow, concealer, or contour palette.

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Grab these Lashes for $3.29 for a pack of 10!!! Can you believe that price?!!

Buy me for $12.46
Buy me for $12.46

This case is listed Here

dsc (3) 8 dsc (4) dsc (5) 9 (3)

All of these are under $8 the first two are $2.34….

dsc (6)
dsc (7) dsc (9) dsc (8) 93358_20150406010134 93358_20150406010156 9 (5)

Or buy these Brushes above

Especially for my blogger gals they have affiliate programs, product review groups, samples and more. If your running out if items to talk about, want to separate yourself from everyone else, this is the site you need. No more expensive hauls, you can spend $20 here and have new products to talk about every day of the week. Save money, get more bang for your buck, replace all of your odds and ends in your drawers and restock on these asap!!!

9 (6) dsc (12) dsc (13) 8 (1)

Oh and These Tatts are essential to functioning in life, and they’re a dollar.

Make sure you say I referred you by using this link in your future post as well. I’m spreading Holiday cheer and blogger girl love to all my chicas by hooking you up with my best kept secret.

Nail decal

Shay if you sign up for anything let me know!!!! I want to link you to future Born Pretty post and vice versa. Spread the love



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