Uniqueness. Twisted Hearts, Braids & Knots


If you really know me, you know I don’t go for bandwagons. Originality, personality, creativity, spontaneity, and individuality are the essentials to express your uniqueness. Being who YOU are is essential to having true happiness in your environment. Bending backwards to fit in is never the way to go. You are Beautiful being you.

This is all written to say wether you’re in the workplace, date night, out with the girls, or chilling at home, the all in one ponytail has got to go. This week I’ll be posting different tutorials and style inspiration all from Pinterest and Buzzfeed weekly. From dressing up the pony to adding braids here and there to express your individuality even with a uniform on. Your hair is in accessory, the place to state your theme, emotion, mood, or style. No longer shall we go through life with the signature messy bun or blow dried flat ironed  drab all down with the frown look. We are creative beautiful individuals with sass and we will take an extra 5 min to pull back our tresses artfully and show off our smiles

Below are great styles, tutorials, and fun creative ways to accessorize our usual look with braids. Most women aren’t experts at braiding at all so I added a few other options that are simple to do. Which will you try? Do you have any you’ve tried? I want to know, give me feedback or email me. I hope I added some positivity and style to your day.


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