#1 TueTu Wakeup and Makeup

Today is tutorial Tuesday and you know I don’t just bring home the bacon, I bring the pig family with the pregnant momma. It’s epicness today as I layout finds for hair, beauty,nails, health, workout, and even a drink recipe to relax your stress away. Today we begin with:……

Neutral eye wow

How to enhance your eye without over doing it.


How to wing it or in other words eyeliner done easy to wing your lash line.


How to do the Pearl smoky eye


Golden smoky eye


Deep purple smoky eye with pearl


How to glam and glitz smoky eye for a night out or formal occasion, prom.


How to completely knock them out of their socks to they seize on the floor glam…. Just making sure your there, this is Hawaii neon wow Glam.


Mascara Tutorial


And a Brown eye tutorial

I’m sure you’ve got lots to try and do, save or pin these pics so you can practice them at home. If you try any let me know, I want to see how amazing it looks. Beauty always starts from within, the makeup just enhances us and is a tool for expression. Have fun 💋😘



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