Healthspiration. Work it on out

6df15e08ab508a03db7eaf937ab79693 8facd6fecf306377e6f0362a9ff4cd9c ac429aada8707e69c684784a1db7879a 5f25c734fc88df5bb2be54a2ec62f4ad 281dbe0b667d1d2c8b25a18915101187 a288c55b4eeddf0354e9c684148bde2d 102584282d8bd96956432991e167977d 53fff5c84ea5f03988ea4b7c0b344402Do you need to add variety to your workout? Are you having trouble figuring out where to start? Do you just need motivational music? I have all of the above, pictured below. When ever your working out, warm up, stretch, choose your target body part of the day or do a variation.

I always do pilates and stretches to strengthen my core and then focus on my bum, buns, glutes, booty, or as Big Sean says that A$$. Makes me feel sexy to know that the junk in the trunk is created by squats. Really women, no more booty shots, implants, or gels, squat it out. It worked for Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, it will work for you with persistence. I noticed results in 1 wk seriously. I now do squats daily, even when watching tv.

Enough about my me, let’s get back to you and your regimen. Here are charts, tutorials, and diagrams that are all workout specific. I’m a very visual learner, if I see it, I can do it, and I know you can to. All of these are to follow and I want to see your results. Good luck, I know you can do it.



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