Fast food dog treats exist

Yea yea yea I know. It sounds unfreakinbeliveable but it is true. After a long day of phone calls, phone tag, and working, this single mom was not going to cook at all. My loveable beautiful twin….

This Gal
This Gal

Pulled into the driveway and coaxed me into the car. The only time we really get us time is in a car. This twinship is undeniably necessary to me functioning in life. Anyways, we decided to go to Goodtimes. After deciding on a delicious bacon burger and smothered wild fries, the lower menu read Pawbenders.


Crazy right, going thru the drive thru to nourish myself, and seeing a hand made dog treat at the ready!!!!! And you know me, always a sucker for new things.

The true test was to see if Teddy liked it. Here’s what it looked like when I opened it.

20150506_162153 20150506_162143

And now the photo Montage of getting Ted to try it. He’s the sweetest cutest most adorable non barking, non biting, most friendly dog you’ll ever meet. I wuv him.

Glares at me in speculation
Glares at me in speculation






Definitely dog approved, and mommy approved because it contains milk, wheat, eggs, nuts, and milk bones. Legible ingredients. And plus Teddy bear deserves it, he’s the best most cutest pomeranian in the world.



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