Nail’d it

So I’m obsessed with these nails so much to the point that I crawled into the corner and geeked out rocking back in forth in sheer amazement!!!! I trembled as the additional wow from the flawless make up brought tears to my eyes.






Well not really, but I saved them and I’m passing them along to you. All of these styles are D.I.Y. capable and with a little patience and persistence I believe your awesomeness will give you the will to do it and send me pics!!!!! I will post them to show the world how fab you are. Ok enough inspirational vocabulary today. Here are the goods!!!!

FB_IMG_1430676248850 0d414378774f2f4b0a27314b7b7e7124 666a0eb73cfaa5316291d90af90b49d1 d12b99208b38935832dface7bf313c2b 8fe39b9ab332a2968c60cfeaad1b405d ce85d33342495b1acf64bc2ad27e77da 935b483c21e7902aff6d958294a6525c

Inspired ladies?!! Here are more tips below!


The first is a one pic, all explanatory tutorial on the correct way to paint your duds.


Also the trick to this ombre look. You need foil, transition color, and white polish. Drip several drops of each polish next to each other on the foil. Start with the pinky in white, on the foil gradually add more and more color as you paint each nail. You want to mix it before you apply so you know what your getting. Or you can wing it, and get a swirly gradient effect which is still awesome!!. Have fun with it, cannot wait to see your results!!!!



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