Shay Contours and highlights with makeup

This is my own face covered in Contours and Highlights. I also took pics of the products I used. You always want to highlight your own bone structure and natural highlights including cheek bones, jaw line, temples, chin, and of course your nose.

20150428_022201 and here is how i did it!

20150428_013718  20150428_013737

Of course I highlighted my face first. If you’re a selfie queen such as I you want to go through the pics youve taken and see where the light contiually hits your face. Places that always light up for me are my cheeks, mid nose, jaw highlight, brows of course after they were shaped and my chin. These are the places i place my highlight as well.

20150428_022353 I use Rimmel London BB Cream for my highlight for several reasons. It is a 9 in 1 skin perfecting age makeup meaning not only is it incredible to add health to my skin routine but it also has an spf fighting the suns rays as it perfects my skin. It primes, smoothes, conceals, minimize pores, moisturizes, brightens, vitamin c, refreshes, and leaves me with an airbrushed finish. I actually use it in medium for my highlight instead of buying it in dark to cover my complete face. I don’t normally wear foundation and used to only use concealer as a baby step but now its healthing my whole face.

20150428_022444 20150428_014958 20150428_015029 20150428_015007

For my contour I actually went a lil bit old school. I took stage makeup in my college days 9yrs ago and still have cream colors from my kit. This Ben Nye is amazing!!!! I trace the underside of each highlight and then began to blend out with my wet and wild foundation brush and end up like this afterwards. You can also use a sponge or whatever brush works for your blending process. Afterwards I apply Estee Lauder Bronzer all over to Matte my look and set the creams.

20150428_022131 20150428_022150 20150428_022201 20150428_022227 20150428_022252 20150428_015827 20150428_021937 20150428_022025

To complete the entire look, (although i could just walk out the door looking flawless like this), Here are the different products I used.

20150428_022508 20150428_022431 20150428_022413 20150428_022332 20150428_022324 20150428_022526

Rimmel London Glam’ Eyes Mascara in extreme black, Nyx lip gloss, i rarely use foundation because my skin is awesome but when i do i use L’Oreal True Match Lumi warm in sable, of course my E.L.F. eyebrow kit including wax and setting powder, if need be e.l.f. contouring blush and bronzing powder, but i finished off my look with Estee’ Lauder Bronzer and blush. Not pictured that i used in the completed look are Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeliner and MAC eyeshadows. And now I look like….

20150430_065300 20150430_072818 20150430_072724 20150430_072822 20150430_073019 20150430_072743 20150430_065530

Hope you like, leave any questions or comments below.



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