Makeup Face Contours and Highlights

I’m sure you’ve noticed how huge is it to highlight and contour the face before applying makeup. Back in the day softer techniques were used such as just applying blush as a contour for the face. Now a days its turned into a HUGE trend but also adding depth and features to the face. Your able to do amazing things with makeup that can save you thousands on surgery, money and time with simply contouring the nose. Here are some easy to follow eyebrow and face tutorials and pics of my personal face contours will be coming soon. YAAAAAAY GO MAKEUP!!!!

Highlighting-contouring-made-easy-header-3 copy (1)

How-to-fake-a-nose-job-BOP you can see from this pic how important the shading is when conturing your nose. the wider your nose the more you want to shade the sides of your nose to hide your bump or whatever ails you.  tumblrmatf1sZBTK1r309p1o1500 how to contour and shape your brows. I call it the disappearing brow but actually it accentuates our eye shape and brightens your features. Even just doing this with a little gloss is enough for that perfect natural look. 90bb675200b1d547bc3c19033e53ae9f  1fb69fe4efa4bc2b0eb2dfb8765dbd28

3fd80505f20c9af0b184e8182a73a458  56687_MDC_PERFECT_SMOKEY_EYE_SHAPE_BOP_v2

and here’s a freebie on how to apply either a smoky eye and shadow placement based on where God set the beautiful features on your amazing face.


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