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I’m not self-absorbed or anything, however I do like to think I have nice eyebrows. Yes, weird I know and lately everyone seems to be really getting into using their eyebrow pencils but not always for the best. A little while a go a friend of mine showed me Google Images results for ‘worst eyebrows ever.’ If you want a good laugh search it yourself, I’m sure you will thank me. These images of horrendous eyebrows inspired me to do my first beauty post…how to get the perfect brows. So I’ve researched all the best beauty guides on the web and have come up with these tips.

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  • Natural is Key – Yes it’s best to not have barely there brows, but don’t make them the main attraction of your face. Keep it simple and natural. In an interview with Vogue, Estee Lauder’s creative make up director, Tom Pecheux said; “People are not going…

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